Accra Apartments: Find Accra Apartments for Rent

Accra Apartment Prices

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Accra Apartments: Find Accra Apartments for Rent
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Do you need an apartment? If so, then this blog post is for you! We are here to help you find the best apartments in Accra. There are many options for all types of people and budgets. Whether it's a studio, one bedroom apartment or two bedroom, we have them all with photos and reviews to make sure that they will be perfect for your needs. Our goal at is simple: To provide our readers with high-quality information about how to locate the perfect place in which to live in Ghana's capital city of Accra.

Accra Apartments

Accra Apartments is a company that provides apartments for rent in Accra, including our private apartments. We have spaces from one room to ten bedrooms, large apartments and small apartments. All of the properties are at different sizes and we are here to find the ideal one for you.

The Adjako Adjei Apartment

If you need an apartment in Accra, then you must go to our adjoai adjei apartment page. You will find that we have a fantastic range of sizes. We have rooms from small to medium, studios, one bedrooms and two bedrooms. All of our apartments are furnished and come with everything that you need to live in the greatest city of Africa.

Accra Apartments

Accra Apartments is here to help you to find and access the very best homes that are available in Accra.

Accra Apartment Prices

The cost of living in Accra is quite high. If you look around you, you can see that there is no cheap apartment. It is a good thing that we have found the ones that we have, but the good thing is that the list is not that long. We do not have apartments for rent near each other, so it's not possible to compare the prices with each other. If you want to find the cheapest option in Accra, then we suggest looking in the northern part of the city.

The Price of Accra Apartments

Nowadays, it is possible to find apartments for rent all over the city of Accra. This happens because the quality of apartments has grown a lot. The most expensive ones are in upscale areas such as East Legon, Agbogbloshie, etc. The most affordable ones are in the south and the middle part of the city.

Accra Studio Apartment Price

How much do you need to pay per month for an apartment in Accra? This is the question that you should consider before you start looking for an apartment in Accra. It all depends on what type of person you are. Are you just starting out and you do not have much money or you already have money and you are looking to splurge a little bit more? Either way, we recommend that you look at luxury apartments rather than apartments in the city center. Luxury apartments are the best when it comes to quality and value. The apartments for rent in the city center tend to be the most expensive and the least comfortable. Do not go for this option unless you know exactly what you want and what you will get for your money.

Accra One-Bedroom Apartment Prices

Accra apartment prices are so competitive that renters can find a perfect place for as little as GHc 1,400 per month. This also happens to be the average rent price in Accra according to data from our real estate research. There are some amazing places to live for around the price of one-bedroom in the city. Some of these are located in the downtown areas of the city and offer great benefits for those who rent them. To get an idea of the typical costs in these areas, we have listed a few below:

Old Airport area: One bedroom apartments start from GHc 5,000 and as much as GHc 18,000.

Downtown Apartment prices: One bedrooms start from GHc 15,000.

Accra Two-Bedroom Apartment Prices

It's no secret that property prices in Accra have been soaring over the last decade. Still, there are many options available if you have the money, the patience, and a very good eye for the right location. Generally speaking, prices increase depending on location and time of year, but there is some good news: Prices have stabilised and are no longer going up rapidly. You can use this guide to decide whether you should rent or buy. This is also an option which does not come cheap, but if you can afford it, you are sure to get a fantastic place for your long-term investment.

Accra Studios for Rent

Studio apartments are small, inexpensive, and a good option for someone who is doing well financially but would like to live in the center of the city.