Scratched Paint: DIY Solutions to Make Your Home Look Like New Again

Are you tired of your home looking old and outdated? Check out these simple DIY solutions for scratched paint that will make it look like new again!

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Scratched Paint: DIY Solutions to Make Your Home Look Like New Again
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Scratched paint can be a huge annoyance, especially when it's hard to fix. Whether it's a doorframe in the hallway or a scratch on the ceiling, we've all been there. At some point in our lives, we've had to deal with smudges from shoes or scratches from kitty claws.

Luckily, there are many ways to solve this problem! We have compiled the best and most creative hacks for how to make your home look like new again. From cleaning to painting, these are sure to help you breathe life back into your home.


Clean your home

If you want your home to look like new, try a good old fashioned cleaning. The more things you can do yourself, the better! Vacuum, dust and then polish with lemon oil furniture polish to get that shine back. If you're feeling up for the task, you can wash all of your windows inside and out. This will give the whole room a fresh look. Dusting ceiling fans is also important because it will make them last much longer than if you don't clean them on a regular basis.


Paint your home

This is a great way to make your home look like new again. Painting your walls, door frames, and ceilings can go a long way in making your home look beautiful.

Just be sure not to paint over the scratch or smudge. You will only cause more damage to the surface and have to repaint sooner than if you had left it alone.


Hide the Scratches

One of the easiest ways to hide scratches is with a spray paint. If you don't want to do a full paint job, you can use this solution. You'll need sandpaper, a bucket of water, and some paint. Sand down the scratch or area that needs to be painted and clean it thoroughly. Pat dry and give it two coats of your favorite color.

Another option for hiding scratches is using nail polish! This will cover up any marks on wood furniture or walls. Simply find a white polish that matches the color of your wall or furniture and paint over the offending mark with a brush.



It is easy to overlook the simple solutions that could make your home look like new again.

Give your home a clean, paint and repair the scratches.

You’ll be glad you did!