10 Effective Ways to Baby-proof Your Apartment in Accra

Learn how to baby-proof your home with these tips for apartments in Accra. Protect your child from common hazards with these easy solutions.

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10 Effective Ways to Baby-proof Your Apartment in Accra

10 Effective Ways to Baby-proof Your Apartment in Accra


Baby-proofing your home is a must if you live in an apartment, condo or any type of residence with common areas. After all, it’s your little one’s safety we’re concerned about. You don’t want them munching on the plants at the communal greenhouse, sneak-attack hugging the gerbera vines or getting their tiny toes stuck in between those wooden slats on the deck. With these tips and tricks, you can easily baby-proof your apartment in Accra. There are many hazards that lurk in even the smallest apartments and coziest condos. Once you have a kid, they become incredibly curious and will put anything they find into their mouth. That’s why baby proofing is so essential to your child’s safety.



Keep walkways and doorways clear

Baby proofing your apartment begins the minute you move in. First, start with the most obvious hazard: walkways and doorways. Make sure walkways and doorways are clear of any small, choking hazards like loose change, marbles, hair ties and other items that could be dangerous to your little one. For walkways, use a small rug or mat to catch small items that could be dangerous to your child. This can also help with cleaning, especially if you have a messy child. For doorways, install a small gate that will keep your child from wandering into the next room.


Lock up the kitchen

Your kitchen is likely the room of your apartment where your child will spend the most time. It’s also the room with the most hazards for your little one. From knives and small appliances to food items that are poisonous or harmful, the kitchen is a minefield for curious and hungry babies. To keep your child out of the kitchen, install a lock on your cabinet doors. You can also place cabinets up high out of reach from your child’s incurable curiosity. If you have an open-concept kitchen, you can install a child gate at the entrance to the kitchen. This will give your child the ability to play in other areas of the house while keeping them away from the dangerous and messy parts of the kitchen. If you’re concerned about your child getting into medications and other harmful items, keep them locked up in a cabinet. While you can’t fully baby-proof the kitchen, there are many ways to reduce the risks.


Install childproof latches on cabinets

Childproof latches are a great way to keep your little one out of your cabinets. This is a must if you have a baby who likes to explore their surroundings. Most cabinets these days come with built-in safety features, such as a lever that prevents the cabinet from opening too far. However, these features are not enough to keep a curious infant out of the cabinet. This is where childproof latches come in. These latches usually come in a pack of two or three. Simply place them over a cabinet door and turn the lever. The lever prevents the cabinet door from opening more than a few inches. Your child won’t be able to get in them because there is nothing to grab onto. This is a great solution for cabinets where you have a lot of breakable items.


Put gate at the bottom of your stairs

If you live in a multi-story apartment building, the first floor may have a patio, courtyard or other play area that your child will love to explore. If you want to keep your little one from tumbling down the stairs, install a gate at the foot of the stairs. This can be done with a gate that fits the opening of the stairs or a pressure-mounted gate. A gate at the bottom of the stairs will keep your child safe and prevent them from wandering around alone. While this is one of the most important baby-proofing tips, it’s also one of the most dangerous. This is why it’s important to install the gate as soon as you move in. This will give you time to install it properly so it keeps your child safe and sound.


Add baby-proofing handle grips

Many cabinets and drawers have smooth, round knobs and pulls. These can be difficult for little hands to grab and pull. To make those hard-to-reach places easier to use, you can add baby-proofing handle grips. These grips are a great way to make cabinets and drawers easier for your little one to open. Adding them is simple. You can either replace the existing knob with a baby-proof knob or you can place the baby-proofing grip over the existing knob. There are many styles and types of baby-proofing grips. You can find everything from plastic grips to wooden ones.


Put corner bumpers and mesh screens

Bumps and bruises are very common in babies and toddlers. This is why you should place corner bumpers and mesh screens around your home. Bumpers are simple, decorative pads that prevent your child from getting hurt while they play. They are easy to install, easy to clean and can be found in almost any style and pattern. Bumpers are a good choice for areas like the corners of coffee tables, dining tables and end tables. They are also great to put on the edges of shelves. They will keep your little one from getting hurt if they bump into or fall against those items. Mesh screens are great for covering window blinds. While they are not a good idea for small children, they are an excellent option for keeping bugs out of your home. They can be placed over window screens to keep insects from getting in through the screens in the spring and summer.


Add portable rails for safety

Portable rails are a great way to protect your child when they are playing in areas where there are stairs or drop-offs. You can also use portable rails for walkways and other places where you don’t want your child to play. These rails come in a variety of sizes and colours. They are easy to set up and will keep your child safe. If you have a small child who is just learning to walk, you may have trouble keeping them away from stairs. This is especially true if you live in an apartment or condo where the stairs are communal. You can use a portable rail to keep your child away from the stairs. If you have a walkway where you don’t want your child to play, you can place a portable rail there as well. This is a great way to protect your child from dangerous areas and keep them safe from injury.


Lock up anything that’s dangerous to kids

Baby-proofing your apartment is about more than installing safety features on cabinets and drawers. It’s also about keeping hazards out of your home. This means locking away anything dangerous to your child. This includes medications, cleaning products, sharp objects, small toys and other items. Keep medications out of reach of your child. This includes prescription medications and over-the-counter medications. Medications can be poisonous to children. Keep cleaning products out of reach of your child. Cleaning products can be harmful if used improperly. Keep them out of reach and in cabinets where your child can’t open them. Keep sharp objects out of reach of your child. Blunt scissors are a good option to use when you have to cut paper or fabric. Lock up small toys and items that are small enough for your child to choke on.



Baby-proofing your apartment is a must if you live in an apartment, condo or any type of residence with common areas. After all,