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Apartments Ghana sets you up for success

In Ghana, as a real estate agent you can earn not only salary but also bonuses. There are no expenses required to start your own business with Apartments Ghana!

Apartments Ghana is looking for real estate agents to join our team.

  • ✓ 100+ serious customer introductions per year
  • ✓ Support staff for calls & paperwork
  • ✓ Salary, health insurance, dues, mileage, vacation
  • ✓ Technology to collaborate with customers
  • ✓ Individualized training to help you meet your goals

Become an expert in the field, learn all about commercial and residential property, grow with us!

Our agents earn twice the median pay of other agents.

Did you know?

There are more than 1 million people looking for apartments in Ghana right now.

At Apartments Ghana, our mission is to help as many of them find an apartment as quickly and easily as possible.

Our service includes both the search process and the contract signing experience so by partnering with us, you can help buyers and renters can save time and money on what can often be a very complicated procedure.

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Redfin Agent working with clients

Bring your values to work

Your values are our values: to redefine real estate in the consumer's favor


Customers first, sales second


All for one, one for all


Embrace real estate's future, not its past

Who you are

A competitor who finds a way for customers to win

A people-person, because our soul is service

A multi-tasker, because Redfin keeps you busy

Licensed: don't have a license?

Grid of smiling agents
Redfin employees smiling and walking down a hall

What happens to your career

Gain wealth

Opportunity to earn more every year

Gain skills

The best team, training, technology

Gain responsibilities

51% of our real estate managers and directors started in agent or support roles

Better product, more customers

Push-button tours

Why so many people sign up for our service

Data-driven pricing & marketing

Why we sell homes for more money

Low fees

Why it's so hard to compete with us

Mobile phones with Redfin tech
Rainbow Redfin logo

Our diversity commitment is real

To customers

We have a special commitment to empower first-time homebuyers

To employees

Social justice starts at work, with pay transparency and inclusive management

To society

Year after year, we speak out for integrated neighborhoods and eager service to all

Apartments Ghana is an equal opportunity employer