Accra Furnished Apartments for Rent: A Guide To Finding Affordable, Quality Accommodations

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Accra Furnished Apartments for Rent: A Guide To Finding Affordable, Quality Accommodations
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When you move to a new city, one of the last things you want to do is find somewhere to live. There are many factors that go into finding the right place; safety, amenities, and price all play important roles when deciding where to lay your head at night. Luckily for those relocating in Accra, Ghana there exists an affordable housing option with quality amenities located throughout the city.

Did you know that Ghana’s capital city has over 1 million people? It's no wonder why so many people have come up with creative ways to house everyone within its limits! Furnished apartments are a great solution for those looking for more than just a room or shared apartment space. These furnished apartments provide residents with a kitchenette and


What is a furnished apartment?

A furnished apartment is an apartment that is furnished, usually from an existing building. The furnishings are supplied to the apartment owners free of charge in exchange for their ‘rent’. This type of apartment has been around since the late 1800’s and is very common in

Most of the cities in West Africa have great amenities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, fitness centers, etc. which make furnished apartments such a great idea. Some furnished apartments even include appliances like a fridge, washing machine, and air conditioner.

Is it expensive to live in furnished apartments?

Financed furnished apartments in Accra are an excellent option for those who are looking for a place that is safe, has a kitchen, and is convenient to access.


The benefits of renting a furnished apartment

No one likes to move, but if you’re doing it for work or a new adventure, this is the way to go. Renting a furnished apartment in Accra will allow you to save money and enjoy the same perks as a fully furnished apartment, such as

Renting a furnished apartment in Accra will allow you to save money and enjoy the same perks as a fully furnished apartment, such as being close to your coworkers and living in a nice place while not breaking the bank. While there are many furnished apartments in Accra, these are some of the best options for one to choose from!

Elite Hills Apartments

As the name suggests, Elite Hills Apartments are situated at the high point of the city. These two-storey apartments boast of beautifully furnished three and four bedroom apartment suites.


How to find a furnished apartment in Accra, Ghana

Accra furnished apartments offer a peaceful and comfortable way to live in a new city. Before you make the big move to Accra, you need to find a place to live. There are several ways to find affordable furnished apartments, and an affordable furnished apartment can be the perfect solution for the new expat. For those who live outside of Accra, Ghana or don’t want to settle in the city, then read on for an easy-to-use guide to finding a quality furnished apartment in Ghana.

Accra furnished apartments for rent guide

When looking for a furnished apartment in Accra, Ghana, one of the first things you will want to do is determine the cost. The cost of renting an apartment will differ depending on where you are located.


What to look for in a furnished apartment

• A furnished apartment has a kitchenette. Even in the best furnished apartments, you won't find a full kitchen. In fact, most of these apartments have only a kitchen sink, a refrigerator and a small fridge that can fit fruit or other food. However, in the center of the city, these apartments offer a very easy commute to public transportation and shopping.

• A furnished apartment has its own bathroom. While the bathrooms are not designed specifically for one person, it will take the most amount of time for your family to clean up after one person. Most apartments in the center of the city will have their own bathroom to deter the cost of running to a nearby store to shower.


Tips for moving into your first furnished apartment

Finding affordable furnished apartments in Ghana can be challenging. When you find what you are looking for, you must make sure that you find one close to your office. The commute to and from work will be much shorter when you're not dodging auto-rickshaws and tiny metros. Additionally, finding quality apartments within a reasonable price range is another tricky area. Despite the difficulties of finding affordable furnished apartments, we have compiled a list of tips that will help you succeed!

If you're looking for an apartment that provides you with everything, then the Accra Furnished Apartments are your best option.