Accra Rooms For Rent: Find Real Estate in Ghana

Introduction to Accra Rooms For Rent

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Accra Rooms For Rent: Find Real Estate in Ghana
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Finding Accra rooms for rent can be extremely difficult. There are many options to choose from but not all of them will provide you with a decent place to live. You want a place that is within your budget and close enough to the places you frequent often, such as work or school. Luckily, there is a website where you can find Accra rooms for rent in Ghana near any location you desire! Visit today and see what they have available!


Introduction to Accra Rooms For Rent

Apartment List provides an online resource for finding affordable, stylish, and clean apartments in urban areas across the United States and beyond.

Start by choosing your location. Are you living in a popular urban neighborhood, or an exclusive enclave where building interiors are private and maintained by the owners themselves?

Then make a list of apartment search filters, such as amenities or number of bedrooms. This is where you can see how many options there are for you.

Finally, make your list of preferences, along with your desired monthly rent.

Finding Accra Rooms For Rent In Ghana

Register with Apartment List and search their inventory of apartments for rent in Ghana.

Now you can search and compare listings for Accra rooms for rent.


Different types of rooms for rent in Ghana

Accra rooms for rent offers various different types of accommodation. You have choices to make, depending on what type of house you’d like to rent.

For instance, you can either choose a good-sized house or an apartment to rent. Both will have all of the things you need, from a room to sleep to a kitchen to make food. Another option would be a studio, which is often a great alternative to a one-bedroom apartment.

The three types of Accra rooms for rent include:

• Apartments: You’ll find a couple of options for apartments in Ghana. These include; duplexes, apartments, and some apartments with balcony.

• Duplex apartments: These are apartments built from two separate units. If you prefer to have your own room, then you’ll want to look into these.


Things you should consider when renting a room

Accra rooms For Rent

I always find it amusing when people ask me to find an accommodation in Accra. They often assume I have connections in the hotel/motel business. This is usually because I have been referred to so many places where I have to inform the client of the extremely poor accommodations. This is usually the case because most of the hotel/motels in Accra do not have any requirements and you just walk in. If you are looking for Accra rooms for rent in Accra near Metro, Upper West or East, be prepared to fork out about 20,000 Ghana Cedis (About $35 USD) per month, per person. You can ask for a discount if you're on a strict budget, but you will need to wait for a while before the owners can consider your request.


The price of renting a room

Accra rooms for rent in Ghana are typically more than double the price of renting a one bedroom apartment. Apartments in Accra for rent are more than double the price than apartments in Accra in any other part of the country. This can be frustrating for some people, but it really depends on how far in distance you want to be from school or work.

In the city

Even if you do not live close to any attractions, you can still live in the city and have a nice little apartment in a good location. If you prefer to live in the city but not in one of the areas most expensive, Accra rooms for rent in Ghana can help you get there. The website has an affordable option for an apartment in the suburbs of Accra for rent.


What else should you consider before moving in?

A few things to consider before moving in are the number of beds and/or beds in the home. You may want to only have a few or none. Some people get overwhelmed by the amount of space they have at first and want to start bringing things in immediately. There is a balance you need to get to, but when you're starting from the bottom, you will appreciate the room to breathe more when you get to that stage!

How do you plan on maintaining your home?

Having a home to maintain can be much more daunting than having a rental. Many times, people get so excited when they move into their rental, but then quickly become overwhelmed by the work of maintaining it. We suggest you first sit down with the rental agency you decide to rent from to discuss how you will go about maintaining the home.



After a month of renting a room, you will have experienced a completely different way of living. You will know what it is like to be responsible for taking care of a house and providing it with basic amenities and comfort. You will be able to find a spot to live and feel that you have a true home. Even if it is the size of your bedroom at home, it will feel cozy. If you are a cat lover, you may even find a cat in your new home.

You want to be able to enjoy your space and the comfort of having your own space, but you also want a place to live that you can have friends over to spend time with. Wherever you live, you want it to feel like a home. It is not always easy to find, but your search ends when you find Apartment List Ghana.