Accra's Best 2 Bedroom Houses for Sale

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Accra's Best 2 Bedroom Houses for Sale
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Accra's Best 2 Bedroom Houses for Sale

Looking for the perfect place to call your own? Perhaps you want to move out of your parents' home and start a family of your own. Or maybe you want to get away from an expensive city life and find a new place to live. If so, Accra may be the answer you are looking for.

A bustling seaside town with a rich history, Accra has plenty to offer those searching for a new home. With beautiful beaches and serene views, this historic town is welcoming to all. You can also find 2 bedroom houses for sale that are just what you’ve been dreaming about. And if you're not sure where to start looking, I've found some perfect options for you!


What is Accra like?

Accra is a seaside town with a rich history. You may be wondering what this historic town has to offer the modern world. Well, for starters, it's welcoming to all. This means you can find everything you need- from 2 bedroom houses for sale to delicious foods- in this small but bustling city.

You can also find some of the nicest beaches in Accra. With clear blue waters and quaint seaside homes, these beaches are picture perfect. If you're looking for peace and quiet, these beautiful beaches are the perfect getaway from a busy day at work. But if you want more than just a peaceful beach, there are plenty of shops and restaurants along the shoreline that offer more than just your basic essentials for living life by the sea.

And if you're not sure where to start looking for your new home, I've found some of the best spots to consider!


Where to find the best 2 bedroom houses for sale

in Accra

A great place to start your search for a new home is with these three 2 bedroom house listings in Accra.

*The first listing is an adorable 2 bedroom house located on the beach. The house offers amazing views of the ocean, and there are several amenities nearby.

*The second property is a great option for those who want to be near town. With a convenient location, this 2 bedroom house provides easy access to work and play.

*The last listing is another home located on the beach, but it offers more space than the first one does. This 3 bedroom house also has a swimming pool and will make you feel like you're living at the shore!


What are the benefits of living in Accra?

After all, there are so many reasons to love this town. First of all, it's a beach community that promises peace and comfort for those who live here. It's also an affordable place to live with an average home cost of $225,000. There are plenty of parks in the area and it's known as a hub for arts and culture. And if you're thinking about raising a family, you'll be happy to know that Accra has great public schools that offer quality education.

So what are you waiting for? Get started on your search today!


What are the drawbacks of moving to Accra?

If you're moving to Accra and the country of Ghana, it can be difficult to adjust.

Just like any other place in the world, there are both pros and cons to living in Accra. For example, many people find that public transportation is not reliable. And when crime rates are high, it can be hard to feel safe in your own home.

But as with most things, there are also upsides. When you live in a new place, everything feels fresh and exciting. And if you're lucky enough to find a 2bedroom house for sale on one of Accra's beautiful beaches, then you'll have access to some of the best views you could ask for!



Accra is one of the fastest growing towns in Ghana, and for good reason. It has a number of great benefits to offer its residents, including improved access to education and health care, phenomenal public transportation, and a vibrant economy. It’s also close to the beach and has plenty of beautiful parks. The only drawbacks are the high cost of living and the excessive heat. Still, it’s one of Ghana’s most popular towns, and its best 2 bedroom houses for sale are in high demand.