Biggest Real Estate Companies In Ghana

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Biggest Real Estate Companies In Ghana
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The 5 Biggest Real Estate Companies in Ghana You Should Know About.

There are so many real estate companies in Ghana, but when it comes to the best, there are only a few. So which ones should you know about?

Enter these 5 big real estate companies in Ghana that you should know about:

1. The Pioneer Group

2. Prestige Properties Ltd

3. Achiever Homes

4. Sunville Estates

5. Lifestyle Homes.


The Pioneer Group

Pioneer Group is a Ghanaian real estate company that operates in the residential, commercial and finance sectors. They have been doing so since 1973. The Pioneer Group has successfully completed more than 60 projects, including over 15 million square feet of land bank.

The Pioneer Group has four divisions:

- Residential division: building luxury homes, apartments and townhouses for sale as well as rental properties

- Commercial division: developing and constructing high end commercial property

- Finance division: providing property lending to individuals and companies

- Property management division: renting out or managing various types of properties.


Prestige Properties Ltd

Prestige Properties Ltd is a real estate company that offers a variety of properties for sale, from apartments to villas. They have a wide selection of properties for you to browse through and they also offer the option to customize your home with their in-house architects. Prestige Properties Ltd is a reputable company with many satisfied customers.


Achiever Homes

Achiever Homes is a Ghanaian company that focuses on residential and commercial properties. The company specializes in developing, marketing, and selling real estate properties. They have been in business for over 20 years now and have been able to grow their network to include more than 40 countries.


Sunville Estates

Sunville Estates is a company that provides high-quality residential, commercial, and industrial properties in Ghana. This company offers affordable houses for sale in the Central Region of Ghana. They are the best when it comes to providing quality, affordable houses to Ghanaians who are looking to buy one.


Lifestyle Homes.

Lifestyle Homes is a Ghanaian property developer and builder. They specialize in building apartments, houses, and condominiums.

Established in 2003 to meet the housing needs of the emerging middle class in Ghana, Lifestyle Homes builds homes that are affordable, but not low-quality. With their mid-range prices and dependable service, they have become one of the most popular property developers in Ghana.

In 2011, Lifestyle Homes introduced a new initiative: The House for Africa which aims to provide shelter for homeless children across Africa. They partnered with Habitat for Humanity International and built an apartment complex that would house ten families and 50 children living on the streets of Accra.