East Legon Hills: A Hidden Gem in West Central Ghana

Why is East Legon Hills a hidden gem?

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East Legon Hills: A Hidden Gem in West Central Ghana
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East Legon Hills is a beautiful, lush green area located in the west central part of Ghana. The hills are filled with majestic trees and plants, offering lots of shade for visitors to relax under. There are many hiking trails that lead up to various points where you can see all around the surrounding areas including Accra city center. East Legon Hills also has some great shopping spots which have just recently opened so there's something new for everyone! Visitors will love this gem hidden away from the busy streets of Accra City Centre.


Why is East Legon Hills a hidden gem?

East Legon Hills is one of those places which you might not find until you are walking around in the wrong areas. Hikers will love the trails that lead to many different places and will have a great time exploring the area. With a combination of cool, refreshing mountain breezes and shopping at the local shops, you will feel right at home in East Legon Hills.

Currently, East Legon Hills is not that well known among tourists so it is a hidden gem for those visiting Accra or just looking for a great weekend destination. But with the recent opening of new shops and the redevelopment of all the current shops there are now lots of places to spend your hard-earned Ghana Cedi.


The Scenery and How to Get There

The Park is located not far from the Fire Service Station, East Legon. The entrance is located in the middle of the Ashongman Hotel and Spa, which is actually not that far from West Ridge Mall, and Rastaman Secondary School. From here, it is just a short walk to the Scenery itself. The trails go up and down the side of the small hills. The views from the top of the mountain are awesome, especially from that direction, as you can see the Marina. After climbing to the top, you can relax on the lovely benches provided by the Scenery.

This particular location has natural spring water, which is filtered on-site for use in drinking. This water is nice and cold, since it comes from underground, it feels even warmer than city water.


What's Here?

East Legon Hills is a wonderful, hidden treasure for tourists and natives alike. There are many walking trails that lead you up to the base of the Hills. The top of the Hills is littered with flowering and lush greenery. Clothes and plants hang from the massive trees with such a good condition that they appear to have been here for years. For the hikers, there are always great views of Accra city centre and it's free to explore! However, the trails get really steep so visitors are advised to be cautious.

The Hills also provide various hiking trails which take visitors all around the area.


Shopping in East Legon Hills

As you step out of the traffic, you'll find yourself in a spot of heaven! East Legon Hills has the largest shopping center in Accra (Accra Mall) that offers the best in online shopping! You can browse, shop and explore as much as you want at this vast mall. You can choose to have shopping done online or visit the mall and go shopping right in the comfort of your own home! It's a great way to avoid all of the traffic in the city. So, you can shop from home or head into the city center and get in the groove of the hustle and bustle of the city without having to deal with traffic.

The shops at the Accra Mall are amazing and you'll get the best deals on everything you need.


Nearby Attractions

West Hills is right by the Western bypass and lies about 5 kilometers from Legon University and a 15 minutes drive from the West-End Mall. The beautiful Lake Rimani Dam and the beautiful surroundings make for great hiking and exploration areas.








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Hikes and Trails for Everyone!

From trails where you can relax with your family to trails where you can enjoy some fresh air and nature with your friends, you will find all sorts of trails for everyone at East Legon Hills. Here you will find hiking trails, adventure trails, and trail riding trails. There is a hiking trail where you can enjoy a scenic walk among the nature, with gorgeous trees, beautiful flowers and fresh spring air. This section of the hiking trail has the perfect balance between nature and a bit of exercise!

Nature and Nature Reserve

Another great section of East Legon Hills is the natural reserve. Here you can explore a beautiful part of Ghana that is filled with lush greenery and beautiful landscapes.


Other nearby attractions

The famous Mole Lake – East Legon Hills is home to the famous Mole Lake. The lake has a sprawling, verdant ecosystem that covers the entire surface of the lake.

The street from Osu to Madina can be seen from this lake.

Take a walk through the beautiful Olebogonji Garden, or take a motorbike ride to Lizzy's Shrine in Lizzy's Park for a complete experience.

The Agbogbloshie Mines or the Rubber Plantation.

Where to eat and drink

If you're looking for a perfect place to hang out, then head to Tanybi on the road between East Legon and the Tamale road! It's always buzzing with people and offers loads of different foods.

The gardens are also worth visiting. There are several different areas to explore, all with beautiful and relaxing surroundings.