Finding Land for Sale in Accra: The Ultimate Guide

If you're looking for land to build your dream home, look no further! This guide will show you everything you need to know about finding land for sale in Accra.

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Finding Land for Sale in Accra: The Ultimate Guide

When you are looking for land for sale in Accra, it can be difficult to find all the information you need. There are a lot of questions that could arise. What is the difference between leasehold and free hold? How much does land cost? Is there enough space for my family? With so many questions, it’s important to have someone who will guide you through finding your perfect piece of land.

We’ve made this article to give you everything you need to know about buying land in Accra. We’ll teach you how to choose the right property, explore the different areas of Accra, and answer any question that might come up along the way. It doesn’t matter if you want rural land or urban property; we’ve got you covered!


The Advantages of Land for Sale

in Accra

There are many advantages to buying land for sale in Accra. For one, it’s a great investment! When you purchase land in Accra, your money is sure to grow. With the recent developments of infrastructure and the expansion of the tech and business sectors, land for sale in Accra is becoming increasingly valuable.

Investing in property isn’t just an excellent way to have something tangible to show for your work but it’s also a fantastic way to expand your portfolio. By purchasing land for sale in Accra, you can diversify your investments by adding a tangible asset that will never lose its value. Land is also a good investment because there is always demand for properties. Whether you want to rent out the property or use it as collateral with a bank, there will always be someone who wants it.


The Disadvantages of Land for Sale

The disadvantages of land for sale are that it’s not always easy to find the perfect piece of property. It can take a lot of time and effort to find just the right location.

Another disadvantage is that you might not be able to buy as much land as you want. In some cases, there will be limits on your purchase due to zoning restrictions or other factors that limit the amount of space you can buy.


What to Know Before You Buy


Land for sale in Accra is a great investment. When you buy land, you are investing in yourself and your future. To make the most of that investment, it’s good to know what to look for when making a decision. When buying land, there are three aspects you should keep in mind: location, size and price.

Location - Location is important because it will determine the type of land available to you. Rural areas have more agricultural land available whereas urban areas offer more residential properties.

Size - Size is another factor to keep in mind when looking at land for sale. You want to be able to use the property now and in the future so make sure it is big enough for your needs right now as well as in 10 or 20 years down the road.

Price - The final aspect to consider when looking at land for sale is price because that will dictate which properties you can afford within your budget. Keep these three factors in mind when shopping around and you'll be on your way!


How Much Does Land Cost?

Land for sale in Accra can range anywhere from $30,000 to $500,000+ depending on the region and size of land. There are many factors that determine the cost of land including:

-Location: If you want rural property outside of the city, you will have to spend more money.

-Size: The larger the piece of land you want, the more it will cost.

-Accessibility: If you need to be close to a main road or other amenities, it will increase the price.

-Zoning laws: If your desired property is located in an industrial zone, there may be restrictions on what kind of building you can construct on your lot.

The most important thing when thinking about purchasing a piece of property is location. You need to carefully consider where you are looking so that it will fit with your lifestyle and needs.


Where Can I Find the Perfect Piece of Land?

There are many considerations that go into buying land for sale in Accra. It can be difficult to find the perfect piece of property with all the questions that might arise. There are a lot of factors to consider, from what type of land you want to where it’s located. We’ve come up with a guide to help you find your perfect piece of land in Accra.

First, you need to decide what type of property you would like. For example, rural or urban? If you want rural land, then there are many areas in the outskirts where this is available. On the other hand, if you want urban property, then your options will be more limited in terms of location and availability.

You should also think about size when looking for land for sale in Accra. You may need a big plot of land if you plan on starting a business or living off the grid with your family. If not, then a smaller plot would suffice and save you money. It’s best to start by thinking about what your needs are so that you can narrow down your search from the beginning!


Rural Areas

of Accra

Rural areas are a popular choice for land buyers. For people who like to live out of the city, these rural properties offer peace and quiet. You’ll find single family homes with friendly neighbors, as well as beautiful landscapes and plenty of space. These are perfect for families with children or older adults looking to retire in a quieter setting. Rural properties are also less expensive than urban land because they don't have many utilities or infrastructure. When you're looking for land for sale in Accra, make sure you explore what rural options are available!


Urban Areas

One thing you might be interested in is urban property. Urban property is great for those who don’t want to live far from the city. There are many different areas of Accra, so finding the right area should be easy.

The first place you might want to look at is Korle Lagoon, which is a popular tourist destination because it’s convenient and safe. It offers many amenities like shops and restaurants and it isn't far from any major highways. The only downside about this area is that it can get expensive.

Another area worth looking into is Denu, which has a few good things going for it. For starters, Denu has one of the best hospitals in Accra and you’re close to Korle Lagoon as well as East Legon where there is a lot of commercial activity. The downside to this area is that the beaches are not nearby and you can find better value for your money elsewhere since land in this region can get more costly than others.

If you're looking for an affordable option in Accra, consider Cantonments or Achimota-Cantonments. There aren't many shopping malls or entertainment centers here but these areas have affordable land prices (about $10 per square meter). The trade off? You won't have access to any major roads or highways, making transportation difficult if not impossible without a car or bicycle.


Near the Waterfront

The Eastern parts of Accra are near the water, and if you want pristine waterfront property, this is the area to get it. They are also close to Tema, one of Ghana’s busiest ports.


On a Hill

One of the most popular places to buy land in Accra is on a hill. There are many benefits to this type of property, including the fact that you will be able to see all around your land.

People often buy land on hills because they want to take advantage of the views. Not only does it provide a scenic view for you and your family, but it can also add value and beauty to your property. Additionally, hillsides often have natural water sources from underground springs. This helps ensure that you’ll have enough water for irrigation throughout the year.

Another major benefit is that there are many trees available on hillsides because they’re easily accessible with less risk of erosion or soil loss. Land with trees also has more potential for growth and profit, as people are willing to pay more for homes in areas with trees.



Buying land in Accra is one of the largest investments you will make in your life. You can't just buy any piece of land and expect it to be a good investment. If you are looking for information on how to buy land in Accra, this article will show you all the basics steps you need to take to find your perfect piece of land.

The first thing you need to do when looking for land for sale in Accra is understand what type of area you want. Rural land is typically cheaper and has less people, but has more space. Urban land is usually more expensive, but has more people and businesses. If you want to be near the waterfront, you will have a lot of competition. If you are looking for a piece of land on a hill, you may have some competition too. There are many factors that go into finding the right piece of land and the perfect one may take time to find, but with this information you will know where to start!