Ghana's Most Iconic Houses: The Most Beautiful Homes In Ghana

Introducing Ghana's most iconic houses

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Ghana's Most Iconic Houses: The Most Beautiful Homes In Ghana
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Ghana is a beautiful country with an amazing range of diverse cultures and traditions. One of the most iconic things about Ghanaian culture are their houses, which vary in style depending on where you are in the country. From mud-huts to clay brick homes, this blog post will explore the most iconic styles of housing in Ghana. We'll also give you some tips on how to make your home more like these!


Introducing Ghana's most iconic houses

Asaase Apartments

Asaase is an upmarket area of Accra, the capital of Ghana. Asaase is also one of the areas with the most spectacular housing estates. Many of the Asaase apartments are multistoried buildings with intricate carvings, which are known as 'Asase' in Ghanaian parlance. One of the oldest areas of Accra, this area is a sanctuary for Ghanaians and tourists alike. You can find here many restaurants, boutiques and shops.

Dominic House

Dominic House is a block of beautifully decorated buildings, set in the heart of Accra. Many of the houses have been styled after traditional houses in Ghana. There is a rich African history in the area, with tribes of the Ga people migrating to the area in the 19th century.


Introducing the different housing styles in Ghana

There are various ways to describe the various housing styles in Ghana. Here's a description of a few of them that help to describe the various housing styles in Ghana.

Mud Huts: An earthen dwelling, which houses various families. These are the best type of housing for those who are on a small budget.

Clay Brick Houses: A type of housing that is relatively new to the market. The houses are built with clay bricks, and the houses are not so sturdily built. However, they are popular because they are relatively cheaper.

Lantern Houses: A new type of housing in Ghana, which offers great style, but they are expensive to construct.

Adobe Houses: An indigenous housing style that are built with mud, thatched roofs, and clay walls.


How to emulate these homes

You might not have the resources or space for the elaborate designs of these homes but you can still recreate them by following some simple DIY or decorating tips.


One of the most popular ways of decorating the front of your house is to use tiles. You can use them as flooring, as wall tiles, or for a variety of other purposes. If you want to recreate an authentic Ghanaian home style, then you can use raffia to display an entire Ghanaian board game. Raffia is a sustainable material that was used in Ghana to weave baskets and mats for houses. You can also use it to decorate your windows and doors, which will help to bring in the spirit of Ghanaian homes.