Life In Accra: Exploring the Cost of Living in Ghana

The cost of living in Ghana is high, but there's plenty to do and see if you know where to go.

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Life In Accra: Exploring the Cost of Living in Ghana
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Accra is the capital city of Ghana and is one of the most populous cities in Africa. It is also a major economic hub with a thriving economy that is continually growing, which makes it an attractive destination for many people who wish to find work. However, living in Accra can have its challenges. In this blog post, we will explore some of the factors that contribute to what it costs to live in Accra. We will also highlight some ways you can find affordable housing, food and other necessities despite these high costs.


The Cost of Living in Accra

Accra is a growing city with an expanding and increasingly diverse population. Accra’s population has been steadily increasing, from 6 million in 2013 to 7.3 million in 2017. Accra’s rapid growth creates new challenges for the city as it struggles to keep up with services like housing, healthcare and transportation.

Accra also has one of the highest costs of living in all of Africa, which is why many people move abroad after they’ve saved enough money. Accra’s cost of living can be attributed to a number of factors:

- Extremely high rent prices

- Massive inflation

- Lack of employment opportunities


Affordable Housing in Accra

One of the most difficult factors to consider when living in Accra is the cost of housing. Accra has a high cost of living and housing is not cheap. The average price for a one bedroom apartment starts at $700 per month, which can be difficult for many people to afford. Luckily, there are ways you can find affordable housing in Ghana such as renting a room in someone’s house or sharing an apartment with roommates. If you are willing to commute outside of the city center, then you may have more luck finding a cheaper place to live.


Affordability of Food in Accra

One of the main cost-of-living factors for those who live in Accra is the cost of food. The price of fresh produce and meat is often higher than other places, as most foods have to be imported from Europe or other locations that are expensive to import from. If you are living in Accra, it will be necessary to budget more money for food than people do in many other places. Luckily, there are a number of ways to affordably purchase food, including grocery stores and local markets.


Affordability of Utilities in Accra

One of the most expensive aspects of living in Accra is utilities. As an example, it costs 4,006 Ghana Cedis per month to provide electricity to a 2 bedroom apartment in Accra. In comparison, the average cost for a similar sized home in the United States is $91. Electricity can be difficult to afford because there are often shortages and brownouts.


Affordable Transportation in Accra

One of the major expenses you will have to factor in when living in Accra is transportation. This is largely because there are no trains or subways, and taxis are few and far between. The most common form of transportation for people in Accra is the tro-tro, which is a type of bus that can fit up to 50 people at a time on it. These buses run on fixed routes, so you can plan your trip beforehand and make your way from point A to point B without any hassle.

The other option for traveling around Accra is by taxi, but these are not as affordable as they seem. Taxis have also been found to be less reliable than tro-tros, often taking shortcuts or using more gas than necessary to cheat passengers into paying more money. On top of this, many drivers refuse to use meters and instead quote inflated prices that may be more than you would pay for a public service like the tro-tro.

Transportation costs are one of the largest factors that contribute to the high cost of living in Accra because it limits what types of jobs people can have without moving outside the city center where there is an ample supply of public services like buses, tro-tros and taxis.



Accra has a lot to offer, but it is worth considering the cost of living before committing to a new life in the city. As you explore Accra, you will find that it is possible to live comfortably on a budget. If you are able to find affordable housing and affordable food, you will be able to live a good life in Accra.