Mexican Expats in Accra

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Mexican Expats in Accra
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Many people don't know that expatriates are living abroad in Ghana. These individuals have left their country behind to pursue a lifestyle that they can't get back home and are now living abroad in countries such as Ghana. Here's what it's like for Mexican expats living in Accra, Ghana.


Mexicans in Accra

One of the biggest problems that Mexicans in Ghana encounter is language difficulties. The country has a different culture than back home, and they have to adapt quickly to a new lifestyle as well. To help with this, they often turn to their friends or family for support and communication back home. Another problem Mexicans in Accra face is dealing with the local population. They have to learn how to deal with being stared at constantly whenever they go out in public. In general, people tend to be on edge when it comes to foreigners in Ghana.

Mexico expats in Accra are able to maintain their Mexican culture through things like online social media platforms and cultural events that they attend while living abroad. They also find solace and comfort by watching Mexican movies on Netflix or listening to traditional Mexican music.

Mexicans living in Ghana are able to maintain their identity by staying connected with family members back home through Skype calls or Facebook messages. It's important for them not only so that they can stay connected but also because parents worry about whether or not their children are adjusting well abroad as well as if there are any problems that would make moving overseas a bad idea


Pros and Cons of Living Abroad

The pros of living abroad are that you have the opportunity to live in a new place, be part of a different culture, and learn about other lifestyles.

On the downside, there is no support system for expats. For example, if your child gets sick and you need medical attention, you cannot reach their family back home. Additionally, it can be very hard to find dependable daycare for your children before they start school.

Living abroad is definitely not easy as many people would assume. People who decide to live abroad must know what they are getting into before making the decision in order for it to work out well for them.



Why they came?

Mexicans have come to Ghana to live a more fulfilling life. Some of these people are here for the work opportunities, while others have come because they feel like their country is no longer safe. They have left everything behind, including their friends and family, and are now living in a new country with new friends and new experiences. This can be seen as an opportunity or a risk.

ND> What do they miss about Mexico?

It's not easy to leave your home country, especially when you don't know what you're getting yourself into. These individuals miss the things that Mexico has provided for them and how much it has helped them grow as a person or as an individual. There are also many other things that Mexicans miss about Mexico, such as food and traditions. However, some of these individuals find the freedom offered in Ghana very liberating in comparison to the restrictions found back in Mexico.