The Average Fees for an Estate Agency in Accra

Want to know how much you should expect to pay when working with a real estate agent in Ghana? Here's a breakdown of the average fees charged by agents in Accra.

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The Average Fees for an Estate Agency in Accra
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As Ghana is quickly becoming a rising economic force in Africa, more and more people are looking to buy property in Accra. A popular way to do this is through estate agencies. Estate agencies help you find the best properties and negotiate a deal for you. For example, they’ll arrange your visit to the property and find out if it’s still for sale. They will also advise on what kind of price you should offer for a house or apartment. This blog post will tell you about how much an average estate agency costs, as well as some other factors to weigh when choosing an estate agent.


The Average Fees

for an Estate Agency in Accra

In Ghana, property prices are rising. The average price for a house in the city is currently $65,000. When looking to buy property through an estate agency, there are a few factors you should take into consideration before deciding on which one to go with. Some of these factors include:

-The level of service you require from your estate agent

-The size and location of the property you're buying

-Your budget for the purchase

-How much experience the estate agent has (i.e. if they have been working as an estate agent for 5 years)


Payment and Invoicing

Estate agencies will charge a commission on the sale of your property. The fee is usually 10-15% of the selling price. Estate agents also invoice you for their services, which means they send you a bill at the end of the month. Estate agents typically send you an invoice either monthly or quarterly. So, if you wanted to find out how much an average estate agency costs, you would be looking at somewhere between $600 and $1800 a year depending on how often they invoice.



is a Top Priority

When you’re looking for an estate agent, safety is a top priority. This means that you need to find an estate agency with a good reputation. At the same time, you also want to find an estate agent that is trustworthy and honest. You should never choose an estate agent because they are cheap or have a fancy office. Be sure to do your research before choosing an estate agent in Accra.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of owning property in Ghana. For example, with property prices on the rise, it may seem like less people can afford to buy property in Accra at all. But there are other advantages as well: properties are often cheaper than they would be elsewhere and the government is trying to encourage more people to own homes in Ghana. Housing is also allowed for rent or sale on some plots of land that meet certain criteria.




The cost of service will depend on the agency selected. Some agencies charge a flat fee while others charge a percentage of the property’s purchase price. The average cost of a service is $350 - $450.


Other Factors That Affect Cost

One of the most important considerations when it comes to cost is how much work you want the estate agent to do. If you’d like them to find a house or apartment for you, they will charge a fee. However, if they just help out with negotiations and go through the different properties with you, that will be free.

The other factor is how much work you are willing to do. For example, if you have enough time to drive around Accra and visit all the properties available, one estate agency might be more suitable than another. The type of property also has an impact on cost. Depending on what kind of property it is, it might take more time or resources from the estate agent. For example, land costs less than a house because it requires less maintenance and is often larger in size.

So what does an average fee for an estate agency in Ghana look like? According to Numbeo (a website for comparing living conditions around the world), the average fee across all types of property is about $2-4 per square meter (about 10-16 square feet). That’s not bad! You can use this article as a starting point when selecting an estate agent in Accra.


Location of the Property

Another factor to consider is the location. You’ll want to know what the average property prices are in Accra, and how they compare with those in other areas of Ghana. Property prices can be higher in Accra than in other areas because it is a more popular city for foreigners to live in.

If you’re looking for a place to invest, you might want to consider buying property outside Accra. Outside of the city, you can find both urban and rural communities that offer more affordable options than what you would find in Accra.


Type of Agent

There are two general types of estate agents: those that work on a commission-only basis and those that charge a fixed fee for their services. The fee for an agent who charges a commission varies depending on many factors, such as the size of the property being sold or the number of properties they’re selling. Agents who work on a fixed fee usually have a minimum fee, so you will know what to expect in advance.


Legal Requirements

Before you choose an estate agent, the first step is to understand the legal requirements in your country. For example, in Ghana, there are no specific laws governing estate agencies. There are also no regulations about the fees that they can charge.

However, some countries have strict rules about what fees estate agents can charge and when they can charge them. For example, in Australia, estate agents cannot receive any money until a sale has been completed.