The Best Jobs for Foreigners in Ghana - The Ultimate List

Find out what the best jobs are for foreigners living and working in Ghana today! has compiled a list of some of the top job opportunities

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The Best Jobs for Foreigners in Ghana - The Ultimate List
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If you are considering a move to Ghana, then you will have a lot of things to plan for. From figuring out the climate, to finding a place to live, and looking for work, it can all be quite overwhelming. This article will give you some great tips on how to find the best jobs in Ghana that foreigners can apply for.

With over 5 million people living in Ghana, there are plenty of career opportunities waiting for you! There is a variety of jobs here that could suit your skillset such as nurses and doctors. This list will give you plenty of inspiration when it comes to thinking about what job you would like.


The Best Jobs for Foreigners in Ghana

1. Nurses and Doctors

Nurses and doctors are in high demand in Ghana. Though there is a shortage of nurses, there is a power need for doctors. These jobs are very well paid and have good benefits, making them excellent options for foreigners looking to work in Ghana.

2. Sales Representatives

If you love sales or enjoy talking with people, then this could be the perfect job for you! In Ghana, sales representatives can earn up to $80,000 per year which makes it an attractive profession for foreigners as well.

3. Nursery Workers

If looking after children is your thing, then this might be the perfect job for you! Nursery workers can make up to $100 per week and work long hours too. There is a shortage of nursery workers here so if you're qualified and willing to work hard, this could be a great opportunity!


How to Find Accommodation

in Ghana

If you are going to be living in Ghana, then you will need to find accommodation. Finding a place to live can be the most difficult part of moving overseas but with the right tips and tricks it can be quite exciting! The first thing you will need to do is decide where you would like to live in Ghana. Consider things like the cost of living and what city would suit your lifestyle best. You should also consider what your goals are for living abroad. Are you looking for work, or just exploring? After deciding on these factors, it's time to start looking for properties online or in person.

Once you have found some properties that seem promising, make sure you arrange a viewing and learn about the property before signing a contract. It’s important that both parties understand their obligations so try and get all terms of agreement in writing before committing. The one thing that should not be included in the deal is who pays transfer fees- this needs to remain clear between the two parties involved.


What To Expect on a Day-to-Day Basis

Before deciding to move here, you should think about what your day-to-day life will be like. Will you be working an office job? Or will you be in the field most of the time? Choosing a job that matches your skillset is important because it will make your transition much easier.

A lot of foreigners who come to Ghana enjoy working in international schools. This is because they are usually well-paid and offer a relaxed work environment. A lot of them have after school activities for their kids so they can have a social life too! The only downside may be that these jobs don’t offer benefits, such as retirement plans or medical insurance.


Why You Should Consider Living in Ghana

As the economic capital of Ghana, Accra has a large number of opportunities for foreigners. The GDP of Ghana is growing exponentially and there are plenty of jobs in Accra that would suit you. There's also no need to worry about finding housing when you move here as it is an affordable city with a lot of modern amenities. It's also a very safe place to live.

With the tropical climate and beach-side lifestyle, many people find that living in Ghana is incredibly rewarding. You'll find plenty of shopping centers and malls where you can enjoy some retail therapy and indulge in the local culture. You'll have access to fresh produce and international foods here too!

Ghana offers one of the best work opportunities for foreigners as well as many other benefits such as healthcare, education, and transportation. If you're looking for somewhere new to explore, then Ghana should be your first choice!


The Benefits of Working in Ghana

Ghana is an emerging economy in Africa with a lot of potential. It's also an excellent place to work and live. There are many benefits when it comes to working here. For starters, the economy has grown by 7% annually from 2009-2014, which means there are plenty of jobs to go around. The economic growth is also projected to continue at 3-4% annually for the next few years.

In addition, there are many opportunities for career development here too. People who have a college degree will find that their skillset will be highly valued in Ghana, which is not always the case for people living elsewhere in Africa. In Ghana, you will be able to get training and further your education without any restrictions or requirements as long as you can afford it.

Many foreigners come to Ghana wanting some peace and quiet after their hectic lives back home! As Ghanaians have a laidback culture, they'll be happy to oblige and slow down your pace of life so you can relax more. This means that you'll need less time off than usual, which will help your bank account balance grow!



If you’re considering a job opportunity in Ghana, this article will give you a quick overview of what to expect.

Ghana is a great country with a lot to offer. So if you’re coming from abroad, don’t be too shy to come and see what it’s all about. The only thing you really need to consider is how you can make yourself at home here. After that, you’ll find that living and working in Ghana can be an amazing experience.