The Best Places to Buy a House in Dzorwulu Accra

Find out where the best places are to buy a house in Ghana and get all of the details you need!

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The Best Places to Buy a House in Dzorwulu Accra

The housing market in Dzorwulu Accra has been undergoing unprecedented growth in the last few years. Due to this, there has been a significant spike in demand for properties. With high competition, it is important that you are aware of properties that are coming onto the market before they are taken by other buyers. In order to find the best places to buy a house, you must consider how much land you want and how close you want to be to amenities like schools and shops so that you can work out the most appropriate price bracket for your needs.


Where is Dzorwulu Accra?

Dzorwulu Accra is a large and cosmopolitan suburb in Ghana. It is one of the most affluent suburbs in Accra and has the latest trends in modern living. Dzorwulu Accra is approximately 2 km from the centre of Accra, and it is growing at a rapid rate.


The Housing Market

in Dzorwulu Accra

The housing market in Dzorwulu Accra has been undergoing unprecedented growth in the last few years. Modern properties and developments in the area have driven up demand for properties, with a significant spike in demand for properties over recent years. There has been high competition among investors to buy these properties, which means it is important to know about new listings before they are taken by other buyers.


Considerations for Buying a House

in Dzorwulu Accra

There are a number of factors to consider when buying a house in Dzorwulu Accra. These include the location of your desired property, the size and type of property, as well as the proximity to amenities. We have all of that covered for you below!


Properties in Dzorwulu Accra can be found near amenities like schools and shops, or set further away from any area that may disturb your peace and quiet. For example, properties located close to shops will usually cost more than properties located further away. If you want to be close to shops but don't want to pay too much extra, it is best to find a property that is just within walking distance. You should also consider if you want a house with land or one without land - some people prefer houses with land because they offer more room for gardening, while others prefer houses without land so they can build or renovate their home exactly how they want it.


The size and type of property can vary greatly depending on what you're looking for in your home. Some places might offer smaller homes at lower prices - which might be good if you're just starting out - while other places may offer luxury properties at higher prices with large amounts of space and many facilities included like pools and tennis courts. The best way to find what's right for you is by looking at various options available in the area that interest you before


Areas to Look Out For

Some of the best properties in Dzorwulu Accra are located in the following areas:


-Aburi Garden




-Cape Coast




Close to amenities

If you are looking for a house in Dzorwulu Accra, the most important thing to consider is how close you want to be to amenities. For example, if you want to live close to a school or hospital, then this would increase the property's price.


Away from the crowds

The most expensive properties come with their own beautiful views, but they also have the disadvantage of being located in areas that are more congested. If you want to be able to enjoy your space without the crowds, it is best to get a house on a quieter street or away from the city center. Often these places are cheaper because there are fewer people in the neighborhood.


Low Level of Crime and Safety

Crime and safety is an important factor that you should consider. It is also an important consideration for those who are looking to buy a house. As Dzorwulu Accra has a low level of crime, it is considered to be a safe area for property. There are also security features in place such as 24-hour guard patrols and gated communities so that those who own properties there will feel secure in their investment.


Within your price range

Most people want to buy a house in Dzorwulu Accra for an amount that is within their price range. However, the most important thing is to find a house that you can easily afford as you don't want to end up in debt. If you are buying with someone else and want to live together, ensure that you consider the needs of your partner as well.



There are many considerations to make when looking for a new place to live, but finding the right place to live is an important decision. If you are looking for a home in Dzorwulu Accra, it may be helpful to consider your budget, the level of crime and safety in the area, and if it has the amenities you need. It can also be helpful to stay away from areas with large crowds. Your new home will be your home for years, so take your time and find the right place for you.