The Best Places to Live in Ghana: A Comprehensive Guide

Looking for a new place to call home? Check out our comprehensive guide to the best places to live in Ghana! From Accra and Kumasi to Takoradi and Tamale, we've got you covered.

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The Best Places to Live in Ghana: A Comprehensive Guide
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Ghana is one of the most diverse countries in Africa. With many different landscapes, climates and cultures, it's no wonder that people from all over the world have found a home here.

Of course, choosing where to live can be difficult. After all, not everyone has time to explore every nook and cranny of Ghana before deciding where to settle down! But don't worry! Here are some factors to consider when selecting your new hometown in Ghana.


Where to live in Ghana

Ghana is a beautiful country with many places to live. The climate, availability of amenities and cost of living can vary greatly from one place to the next.

So, what are the best places to live in Ghana? Accra and Cape Coast both rank high on the list, as they offer excellent job opportunities, diverse cultures and amazing landscapes.

Accra is a thriving metropolis with large communities and plenty of public transportation options. Cape Coast is a smaller city but it has a rich history and great beaches!

Cape however some may find that the remote location isn't ideal for their needs. But if you want to be close to nature, Koforidua may be the place for you! It's only two hours away from Accra by car and offers lush forests in all directions.

Koforidua also has an excellent university with convenient dorms for students—perfect if you're moving with your family!


The cost of living in Ghana

One of the major factors when deciding where to live is cost. There are many places in Ghana with very different price points, making it easy to find a place that’s within your budget.

It's not just about the salary you make either: there are other costs to consider as well. For example, if you're not planning on buying any property, the rent can be a major factor. Below are some average prices for common costs in Ghana.

-Mortgage Prices: $1,500 USD per year

-Rent: $500 USD per - month

-Utilities: $200 USD per - month


How climate affects where to live

Ghana offers a variety of climates, depending on where you choose to live. The northern regions are more moderate, with a humid climate and more rain than other parts of the country. These tropical climates provide plenty of opportunities for hiking, swimming and water sports. Southern Ghana is more arid, and has hot summers while winters are milder.

If you're looking to choose the best place to live in Ghana based on your climate preference, you should consider your tolerance for heat or cold before making a decision. Not everyone prefers to live in an area with extreme weather!


Top 5 Places To Live In Ghana

1. Accra

Ghana's capital city, Accra, is the perfect place for someone looking for a vibrant atmosphere. The coastal city is bustling with markets and street vendors selling everything from spices to sweets to clothing - always an exciting place to explore!

2. Kumasi

Named after the Asantehene (King) of the Ashanti Empire, Kumasi is often called 'The City of Kings'. This lively city has a rich historical and cultural heritage which can be admired at the Kumasi National Museum.

3. Koforidua

Koforidua is a great option for those who want a laid back way of life with plenty of opportunity to indulge in Ghanaian culture. A beautiful town surrounded by lush forests and beaches, it's an excellent spot for people who appreciate nature and want an escape from their busy lives!

4. Bolgatanga

Located in the Northern Region of Ghana, Bolgatanga has been dubbed 'The Gateway to Burkina Faso' as it's so close to that country's border. With a pleasant climate year-round and plenty of natural resources, Bolgatanga is perfect for animal lovers looking for an escape from the daily grind!

5. Tamale

Tamale offers residents just about everything you could hope for in a hometown: it's safe, friendly and offers residents rich culture and history as well as modern amenities like Wi-Fi hotspots and high speed internet access!



There are many places you could live in Ghana. Which one is the best? It depends on your needs and preferences. But after reading this guide, you should have a pretty good idea of the best places to live in Ghana.