The Top 5 Places to Look for Apartments in Accra

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The Top 5 Places to Look for Apartments in Accra
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Accra is the economic and cultural capital of Ghana. The city is home to many different cultures, languages, and economies. With so much diversity, it can be difficult to find apartments that fit your needs. There are dozens of neighborhoods with their own cultures and personalities, making it hard to decide where you should live. Here are the top five places to look for apartments in Accra.


The best neighborhoods of Accra

This is a list of the top five neighborhoods to look for apartments in Accra.

1) East Legon

2) North Legon

3) Kwame Nkrumah Circle

4) Dansoman

5) Kwesimintsim


What to look for in an apartment

Finding an apartment in Accra can be difficult. There are so many different neighborhoods with their own cultures and personalities, making it hard to decide where you should live. But there are some things to keep in mind when looking for apartments in Accra.

Consider the neighborhood you want to live in:

Upper Eastside: The Upper Eastside of Accra is a more residential area with a great school system and significantly lower rent prices.

Central District: Central District is a more affordable area with a mix of houses and apartments.

Southwest: The Southwest of Accra is a more affluent area with a higher cost of living and better services for residents.

Dansoman: Dansoman is one of the most diverse areas in Accra, home to people from all over the continent.


Look for safety features:

Security guards on site 24/7 Security cameras at every entrance and exit point on the property A doorman or concierge that lives onsite or nearby


The cost of living in Accra

Accra is a city with a significantly lower cost of living than many Western countries. The average rent for an apartment in Accra is $250-400 per month, which is relatively cheap compared to what you might be paying in the United States ($1000+). If you're looking to live in a nicer part of town, the cost of living may be higher.


The best places to find apartments in Accra

Here are the top five places to look for apartments in Accra.

1) Adentan

Adentan is the ideal place to live if you want to be close to the market or close to a lot of entertainment venues. The area is idyllic, with large trees and a peaceful atmosphere.

2) East Legon

East Legon is a highly coveted neighborhood due to its proximity to popular nightclubs, restaurants, and bars. There's also plenty of outdoor activities nearby, including golf courses and parks.

3) Labone-Ampofo

Labone-Ampofo has a lot of different options for housing, from low-income apartments for students who come from out of town, to temporary housing for those who are moving their families over from rural areas of Ghana.

4) Asokore Mampong

Asokore Mampong is an area that doesn't have as much luxury as other neighborhoods on this list but is still desirable because it's relatively inexpensive and still close to amenities like bus routes and hospitals.

5) Airport Residential Area

Many companies offer housing on their grounds so their employees can live on premises. This residential area right by the airport might not have as many nightlife activies as others but if you're working for an international company with offices in Accra, it's a good choice because you won't have far to go if you need something outside your neighborhood.



Finding the right place to live in Accra can be a daunting task. With many neighborhoods to choose from and a multitude of options in each, it can be difficult to find a place that meets all your needs. The good news is that there are a few things you can do to narrow down your search and find that perfect apartment in the right location.

You should start by considering what type of neighborhood you want to live in. Is there a particular area that has a lot of amenities you might need? Do you prefer a quieter area or a more social area? Keep in mind that, with so many neighborhoods to choose from, there are different areas for people with different lifestyles. After you have decided on the type of neighborhood that’s best for you, you will need to find the one that has the amenities and properties that fit your needs and budget. Once you’ve found the perfect neighborhood, it’s time to find your perfect apartment!