Types Of Roofing Sheets In Ghana

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Types Of Roofing Sheets In Ghana
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Roofing sheets in Ghana are very important as they protect all the components of a roof against different weathers.

There are many types of roofing sheets in Ghana, including metal and PVC types which offer different advantages and disadvantages, depending on what you need them for. These will be discussed below to help you understand their differences and decide which type is suitable for your next project.


Types of Roofing Sheets

There are many types of roofing sheets in Ghana, including metal and PVC types which offer different advantages and disadvantages, depending on what you need them for.

Metal sheets are normally the most affordable and also the easiest to install as they require less labour. They are also harder wearing than PVC roofs .

Vinyl sheeting is more flexible than metal but offers a lot more protection from heat, moisture, and UV rays. This makes it a popular choice for many people anywhere in the world. The downside of this type of sheeting is that it's heavier than metal sheets and can be more expensive.

PVC sheeting provides superior water tightness and resistance to corrosion which is why it's commonly used as a garage or car port roof. It does have its downsides like being prone to cracking when exposed to extreme temperature changes.

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Metal Sheets

Metal roofing sheets in Ghana are usually made of copper, zinc and aluminum. They can be used for both commercial and residential roofs as they have high resistance to corrosion.

These metal sheets are more affordable than PVC sheets, but they require regular replacement. This is because when they corrode, they may also cause leaks.

They can also rust if not properly maintained and have a higher risk of breaking when compared to PVC sheets which require less maintenance cost and lower risk of breakage. However, these metal sheets are mostly used for roofs with flat surfaces such as warehouses or office buildings.


PVC Sheets

PVC sheets are the most common type of roofing sheets in Ghana. They are relatively cheap and easy to install, while they also provide a fair level of insulation.

The main disadvantage of PVC is that it can be brittle when it gets cold and the material deteriorates over time.

Additionally, there is a risk of bird droppings damaging the sheets if they're not installed correctly.


Natural Rubber Sheets

Natural rubber sheets are usually the cheapest type of roofing sheets in Ghana. They don’t require any special installation methods, such as adhesives, and they can be installed by hand with a little bit of skill. However, these are not very durable and offer little protection against different weathers.


Advantages and Disadvantages of the Different Types of Roofing Sheets

Metal Roofing Sheets

There are a number of benefits to using metal roofing sheets in Ghana, including their strength and durability. It is also easy to maintain.

One drawback is that the pieces have to be custom-made for each building and are costly which means you will have to spend more if you need an extensive roofing job.

PVC Roofing Sheets

Another type of roofing sheet frequently used in Ghana is PVC roofing sheets which are also very durable but less expensive. This material is also easy to maintain and requires less installation time than metal sheets. There are not too many disadvantages associated with this material either but the down side is that it can leak after some time due to its nature, so regular maintenance will be required because it will change colors over time.


Recommendation for the Right Type of Sheet for Your Project.

One thing to consider when buying roofing sheets in Ghana is to ensure you purchase the right type for your project. There are many types of sheet materials, and certain ones will be better for certain projects. Metal roofing membranes are very durable and strong but can also be quite heavy. If you're looking for a lightweight material that offers maximum protection, PVC sheets may be more suitable. For example, if you want to install a metal roof on a boat or a car, then PVC would be the best option as it's lightweight and lighter than metal.

If you're wondering what type of roofing sheets in Ghana to buy, it's best to first consider how much protection your project will need and then choose your product accordingly.