Villagio Luxury Apartments in Accra: A Glimpse of the Hottest Accra Property

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Villagio Luxury Apartments in Accra: A Glimpse of the Hottest Accra Property
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Accra has been on the rise lately as a tourist destination. Not only is it home to the largest and most prestigious mall in Africa, but also it's quickly becoming one of the hottest places to live in Africa. One of the newest luxury apartments to hit the market is Villagio Luxury Apartments, which happens to be just a few blocks away from the aforementioned mall. Join us now as we take a look at this luxurious property and explore some of its features that make it so appealing.>>>


Villagio Luxury Apartments



The Location

Villagio Luxury Apartments is conveniently located in the heart of Accra. It's next door to the largest and most prestigious mall in Africa, The Labadi Mall. This location has a lot of benefits for residents and visitors. For one, it's close to many restaurants, cafés and shopping centers for residents to enjoy. It also happens to be just about ten minutes away from the city center-less than a 5-minute drive by car.


The Amenities

Villagio Luxury Apartments is a 22-story, luxury apartment complex situated in the heart of Accra. The property features a number of amenities that make it so appealing. For starters, Villagio offers a 24-hour concierge service and valet parking for residents who don't want to worry about things like parking their car or locating their keys. Residents also get free on-site laundry services and free use of the internet and Wi-Fi.

Residents have access to both a gym and swimming pool at Villagio as well. If you're out running errands and need some relaxation time, you can always head to the complex's sauna or spa to take care of your body. This is just a sampling of what Villagio has to offer.>>>


The Design and Style

Villagio Luxury Apartments is the epitome of luxury. The building has a modern and sleek design that would make even Kanye West jealous. It features two levels, with the first level having open spaces and plenty of natural light. The second floor includes more enclosed spaces with balconies and views of Accra’s skyline.

The exterior design of the building is also quite eye-catching. The walls are brightly colored and have an artistic flair to them, which only enhances the luxurious feel. All in all, Villagio Luxury Apartments lives up to its name by providing residents with a truly luxurious living space.>>>


Floor Plan

Villagio Luxury Apartments offers a large variety of modern and beautifully designed apartments. The floor plan for the property is broken up into three floors, with each floor being completely private from the other floors. On the ground floor, you'll find a large room that can function as a living room or kitchen, two bedrooms, and a full bathroom. The first floor houses a huge living area perfect for entertaining guests, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms. The second floor is where you'll find the most luxurious rooms in Villagio Luxury Apartments - one bedroom, one office space, one full bathroom and a living area.


Interior Design

The interior design of Villagio Luxury Apartments is one of its most noteworthy aspects. Designed with modern flair, this property has a spaciousness that makes it feel more like a home than an apartment. Decorated in neutral tones with splashes of deep, rich color, this living space is sure to please the most particular taste.

Another thing that stands out about the interior design is the floor-to-ceiling windows that provide plenty of natural light for when it's dark outside. These windows also offer sweeping views of Accra, making it easy to spend hours admiring the beauty from home.

With beautifully laid floors, hardwood and tiles are used throughout. They're strategically placed in such a way as to make movement easy while still providing an elegant look. There's also a variety of furniture pieces and décor items that are made from quality materials and weigh your living experience down with luxury.>>>



of Villagio Luxury Apartments

One of the best features of Villagio is its location. There are many attractions in Accra, but most people stay within a few blocks of the mall. This property is just steps away from some of Accra's finest restaurants, cafes and coffee shops. The property is also minutes away from the largest mall in Africa, which has over 200 stores for all your shopping needs.

Villagio offers studio apartments that are perfect for those looking for a quiet place to live. However, if you're a family looking to move to Accra, there are two-bedroom apartments available as well. The apartments at Villagio also come with 24-hour security and parking garages with easy access to both major highways in Accra. Finally, it should be noted that whatever your budget may be Villaggio has an apartment that will fit your needs.>>>