What To Look Out For When Renting A One Bedroom Flat In Accra

Before you rent a one bedroom flat in Ghana, be sure to look out for these things!

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What To Look Out For When Renting A One Bedroom Flat In Accra
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Are you looking for a one bedroom rental in Accra? If so, read on. You’ve come to the right place. We have everything you need to know to find your perfect home--all without breaking the bank. Before you start your search, there are some things you should know.

Accra is a metropolis of over 3 million people, and as such it can be hard to find affordable housing in this booming city. There are many factors that can affect the price of rent here, not just location. And with prices ranging from $500 per month to over $1,000 per month for comparable apartments, it's important that you do your research before signing any lease agreements or making any commitments. For more information on how to find the perfect one bedroom flat in Accra, please click here.


Accra & Rental Costs

Accra is a metropolis of over 3 million people, and as such rental prices are high. The average cost for an one bedroom flat in Accra is $500-$700 per month. But this can vary widely depending on the area you live in and other factors like if the apartment has a balcony or not, brand new or old building, and so on.

One thing to keep in mind when looking for an apartment is that many landlords require first month's rent plus one month deposit as well as your passport as a deposit guarantee. This deposit needs to be paid up front before you move into your new place.

If you're looking to save some money on rent, there are some cheaper options outside of Accra--but they won't have the same conveniences and amenities that a more expensive place will. A good rule of thumb when renting a one bedroom flat in Accra is that if the monthly cost of your apartment is less than 15% of your monthly income, it's likely affordable.


How to Choose a Flat

to Rent in Accra

Finding a flat to rent in Accra can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. We've compiled a list of things for you to consider before signing any contracts.

1) Location:

Accra is a sprawling city with many neighborhoods. Figuring out where you want to live will depend on what you need and what your lifestyle looks like. Do you need access to public transportation? Parks and green space? Shopping centers? Hospitals? Domestic help? All of these will play an important role in your decision-making process when finding a one bedroom rental flat in Accra.

2) Cost:

The price point for one bedroom flats in Accra can vary wildly depending on location and amenities available. You may find that the perfect place is outside of your budget, or within your budget but not offering the amenities you're looking for--either way, it's important to know going into the search exactly how much money you can afford so that compromises do not have to be made at the end of the day.

3) Aesthetics:

Different people prefer different styles, so try not to dismiss anything just because it doesn't suit your personal tastes! It's all about compromise. If something catches your eye, but doesn't match everything else you're looking for, talk to the landlord or property manager about adding some updates after moving in if necessary--or see if they offer any discounts or perks for renters


Where to Rent

a One Bedroom Flat in Accra

There are many things to consider before renting a one bedroom flat in Accra. The location of the property is just one of these considerations. It's important to take into account the time it takes to get from your home to your workplace, for example, as well as how accessible public transportation is. Distance from shopping centers and entertainment is also key. For more information on where to rent a one bedroom flat in Accra, please click here!


Tips for Renting

In short, you should always know your budget and how long you'll be staying before you start looking for a rental.

It's also good to know what you want from the rental before you go looking. From location to amenities, there are many different factors that make one apartment or home more desirable than another. You should take into consideration your commute, as well as the number of bedrooms that will suit your needs.

And finally, it's important to do research on the neighborhood before signing any lease agreement or making any commitments. For example, an area with high crime rates might not be the best place for a single female renter--even if it is cheap!


Check out the building's amenities

Another thing to take into account when hunting for a one bedroom flat in Accra is the building's amenities. You want to make sure that you are getting your money's worth, and that you are living in a building with enough amenities to meet your needs. If you're looking for an apartment with a pool, for example, then it would be important for you to make sure that the building has one. For more information on what to look out for when renting a one bedroom flat in Accra, please click here.


Determine whether it's furnished

If you're looking for a furnished one bedroom flat in Accra, make sure to clarify whether it's fully furnished or just partially furnished. There are some apartment complexes that offer fully-furnished apartments, so you won't have to worry about bringing your own furniture. However, this isn't always the case. If you find an apartment that's only partially furnished and want it to be fully-furnished, ask the landlord if they can provide the additional furnishings at an extra cost.


Get your landlord's phone number and email address before you sign the lease agreement

One of the first things you need to do before you sign a lease agreement for an apartment is to get your landlord's phone number and email address. This way, if any questions or problems arise, you can contact them directly. If the landlord lives in a different country, this will be especially important. It's also a good idea to have a list of all the issues that need fixing in your new place before you move in, so you can have them fixed right away.