Who Do You Need to Inform When Moving House In Ghana?

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Who Do You Need to Inform When Moving House In Ghana?

Moving house is a great opportunity to refresh and get your life in order. But it can also be a stressful experience. There are many things to take into consideration when considering a move, such as whether you're going to rent or buy, where you're going to live, how much money you have for the move, and more.

The most important thing: informing your landlord of your decision to terminate the lease on your current home. In Ghana there are different officials that need to know about this change. This blog will guide you through all the steps necessary for moving from one residence to another in Ghana.


The landlord

The first step is informing your landlord. You are legally obligated to communicate with your landlord and give them a specified amount of time before the termination of your lease. Failure to do so will result in a penalty fee for breaking the lease. In Ghana, you have 14 days from the date of termination to inform your landlord.


The mortgage company

The mortgage company needs to be informed of your decision to terminate the lease on your current home. Once they receive notification, they will contact the bank to make arrangements for you to continue making payments on the loan that you have with them. The bank will then send you a letter confirming the foreclosure and instructing you where to make your mortgage payment.


Electricity company

If you're moving in Ghana, you'll need to inform the electricity company of your change in address. You can do this by calling their customer care line and telling them that you are going to be switching residence. The company will then update your address on the system so they can continue sending you electricity.

The Ghana Water Company Authority is another important organisation that should be notified of a move. They should be informed when there's a change in address so they know where to send water bills. They also operate a water meter reading service which requires an updated address for every property move. It's very important to inform them of your new address so you don't end up with any missed payments or bills from the utility company!

Moving house isn't just about packing up your things and moving out with friends or family. There are many things to consider--and informing officials about your change in residence is one of them. Be sure to contact the following organisations when changing residences: Electricity company, Ghana Water Company Authority, landlord, and other relevant organisations (such as a power provider).


Property tax collecting authority


Who do you need to inform when moving house in Ghana?

The first person that needs to know about your move is the property tax collecting authority. You will need to contact them and get them to write a letter of release for your old property, which they will send to the land registry office.


The house number

First, you need to give the house number of your new place. You will have to inform the post office of your change of address and tell your phone company. Next, let the bank know about your new address as well. Lastly, you need to notify the National Identification Authority (NIA) about your move.


Land Registry Office or notary public

The first step to take is to visit your local land registry office or notary public office to get a certified copy of the original lease agreement.

This document will be used in the next steps.


Bank and Utility Company

The bank and utility companies are two of the most important people you need to inform.


The bank: When you're moving out of your home, you'll need to get in touch with your bank before making any changes to your account. They will want to know if you plan on closing your account or transferring it. Some banks require a month's notice before ending an account.

The utility company: You also need to inform the utility company that provides electricity, water, and gas service at your current address so they can terminate the service once you move out. You may want to pay off all of these services before moving if possible as well.



The first step for moving house in Ghana is to inform your bank of your decision. You will need to let them know you'll be moving and establish a new account in your new home.

You should also inform the bank that holds your mortgage if you are buying a property and are making payments. If you're renting, it's best to ask your landlord if they have any specific requirements for giving notice.


Utility companies

The first people you'll need to inform are your utility companies. Here in Ghana, it's very common for a household to have 2-3 accounts with different utility companies. For example, you may have water, electricity, and internet all with different providers.

Utility companies need to know that you're moving so they can update their records. They also require an updated address or account number in order to process any payments you make from your new address onward. If someone else is taking over your residential service, they should contact the utility provider as soon as possible.