3 Bedroom House in Accra, Ghana: A Guide To Buying Property in Ghana

How to Find A 3 Bedroom House in Accra, Ghana

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3 Bedroom House in Accra, Ghana: A Guide To Buying Property in Ghana
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Buying property in Ghana can be a daunting task for foreigners, but not impossible. This blog post will guide you through the process of buying and living in a 3 bedroom house in Accra, Ghana. The first step is to find your dream home!


What Is A 3 Bedroom Home?

A 3 bedroom property is a home with three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a bath and a patio. This post will focus on the 3 bedroom apartment because buying a house with a yard isn’t in everyone’s best interests. The type of property that I’m talking about is semi-detached, a little like this.

Buying an Apartment or a House With a Potted Garden

It’s harder to buy a house with a planted garden. If your goal is to live in Ghana in 5 years and you plan to have children, a garden is not ideal. Still, you can find a house with a patio, though you may have to spend quite a bit more.

If you have a choice, I’d recommend spending a bit more on a 3 bedroom home rather than a 4 bedroom home.


The Process of Buying Property in Ghana

Step 1: Find an agent.

Whether you want to buy an apartment or a fully detached house, make sure you find an agent who is going to take care of you and keep all the paperwork on time. Below are the most reputable and reliable agents and companies to work with.

Real Estate International Ltd. is a real estate company based in Accra. They are a family run business that specializes in land management, construction and property management.

Patrick Amoah – General Manager, realestateimghana.com

Osei Owusu – Director and Partner, itmh.com.gh

Tosin Nakayasuwu – Manager, itmh.com.gh

Real Estate Tycoon Group is a Ghanaian real estate company with a comprehensive network in Accra and the entire country.


How to Find A 3 Bedroom House in Accra, Ghana

Because Accra is a fast-paced city, buying a 3-bedroom house is not something you should take on if you want some peace and quiet. However, if you have a wide range of skills such as graphic design, media, website designing, or public relations you will have no problem finding clients here. One of the best ways to find a home in Accra is by finding a job, or work at one of the many companies and establishments in the city. Many of these firms offer competitive salaries and work environments so if you can prove you are hard working and can get the job done, they'll give you a chance.

Most high end international brands like the BBC, Nokia, or Cadbury have plants in Accra so if you want to work in one of these companies and you have some basic skills, this is the best place to live in.


Tips for Renting or Leasing a House in Accra, Ghana

First, you’ll need to decide which city you’d like to live in. Accra is the capital and largest city of Ghana. You may not want to live in the busy city center. That is fine! You can find a house in the suburb of Abossey Okai or rent a house in close proximity to the city center. Accra is located in the center of Africa and is a fairly large city. You’ll have a choice of neighborhoods.

If you’re lucky, you may be able to find a “house for rent”. A house for rent in Ghana can mean a private home, a compound, or an apartment building. Let’s say you find an apartment building to rent for around $200 a month. Here are a few tips for renting in Accra, Ghana:

Check to see if the apartment is furnished or only has bare, unrefrigerated walls and a basic bathroom.



Buying a house in Ghana can be both exciting and fun. There are so many ways to buy in Ghana. You can buy land, build on land, buy a building, or even purchase an apartment or house abroad. In most cases, renting in Ghana will be cheaper than buying. Once you buy a property, you can live and work in Ghana, and can even work or do business from home! Whether you choose to buy a house in Ghana or rent, enjoy this post as a guide.

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