Rent A House In Dansoman: How To Find Your Dream Home

Renting a house in Dansoman

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Rent A House In Dansoman: How To Find Your Dream Home
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Rent a house in Dansoman: how to find your dream home. Ghana is the second largest country on the African continent with its population of 30 million people. Accra, its capital city, is one of Africa’s fastest-growing economies and offers you all the modern amenities that are desired for a comfortable living. The metropolitan area has about 3 million residents who have created an energetic atmosphere where business thrives and leisure activities thrive. If you are looking for a place to rent in Accra then this article will help you get started by providing you with some tips and guidelines on what to look out for when renting property in this popular neighbourhood in Ghana's capital city - Dansoman!


Renting a house in Dansoman

A place to rent in Dansoman will surely provide you with an ideal place to stay in the metropolitan area of Accra which is known as a “home of the city”. Dansoman is the central suburb of Accra and lies south of the city center. If you are looking for a place to rent in Dansoman then your search is over because this is the place you want to live in.

For example, Efua Estate is one of the most desirable locations for renters in Dansoman. It has beautiful and spacious houses. With easy access to the Nii Amasi Kyebi Park, the estate is located very close to a number of schools, supermarkets, hardware shops, banks and ATMs. The houses have been beautifully decorated, you will find an assortment of décor in every house.


3 things to consider when renting property in Dansoman

1. Scouted the neighborhood? Check out the social media pages for Dansoman; you will see lots of images with popular spots like Mahama Stadium, EIB Motors (Automobile

Showrooms), Shoprite City Mall, Dansoman Market, E-Networks, the Olympic Recreation Park and The Vodafone Showground.

2. Rental rates in Dansoman are very reasonable. There are many houses/apartments that are available in the area but when it comes to rentals there are some things to look out for. The most important of which is the size of the house. This is important because an available house should be spacious enough for a family to reside in comfortably. It is important to note that the type of neighborhood you are renting in will affect the type of property you will be renting.


Where are the best places to rent?

Dansoman is one of the most well-known and populated neighbourhoods of Accra. At its heart is Ridge Shopping Mall and an area known as 'Boys Town' or simply 'Dansoman'. This community features a number of cultural and entertainment centres and plenty of young professionals. Due to the proximity of many offices, residents in the area enjoy proximity to the various top companies in the city.

The Zing Zings Cinema

The 'Zing Zings' Cinema is located in 'Zing Zing' corner which is one of the busiest areas in Dansoman and will be one of the first places that you will check out if you want to rent a house in the neighbourhood. It is home to a number of restaurants and bars, it has a wide array of shops, some of which have a nightlife aspect.


Who are the potential buyers of Dansoman properties?

It is a no brainer that it’s the perfect place to live and the most popular and established place in Ghana. Traditionally, Dansoman has been a home for middle-income earners and their families. The average house prices in this location run from Ghc 2,000 to Ghc 7,000. People have come to regard it as the ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your needs for a comfortable, safe and enjoyable living. Some of the primary reasons why people come here include, but not limited to; the location near the main highway, the freeway; the close proximity to public transit that gives easy access to the city centre; the many shops, cafes, restaurants and the relatively low crime rate.


What can you expect from your landlord?

Landlords in Ghana are always looking for reasons to demand more money than what you are paying now, and even more if you are moving to the capital city. The best and most practical advice that you can take here is to read the lease agreement carefully and ensure that you know everything that it says. For example, when you get an ad from a landlord, the name of the house or flat he is renting it for is usually displayed at the bottom of the page, in bold letters. If you look carefully, you will notice that it says that it is to be let for “1 flat” or “3 bedrooms”. Even if the house is split into 2 flats, make sure that you take note of it.



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1.Rent A House In Dansoman: How To Find Your Dream Home

If you want to find a home in this popular Dansoman area of Accra then this is the place to start looking. All you need to do is read the article above, and then contact us.

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