Short-Term Rental Villas in Accra

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Short-Term Rental Villas in Accra

Accra is a bustling urban city in Ghana, with an amazing culture and beautiful weather. It's also one of the top tourist destinations in Africa. If you're looking for something to do while visiting Accra, check out our list of the best short-term rental villas in Accra!


What is a short-term rental villa?

A short-term rental villa is a place to stay while you're in Accra. Most of these villas are found close to the airport, and they typically have more than one room, making them perfect for families or large groups of people. They can also be rented for long periods of time, which means you can go on vacation in Accra for a few days and return to your short-term rental villa anytime you'd like.

There are several types of short-term rental villas in Accra that you can choose from. Some are located near the beach, others near attractions like museums or historical sites. You'll usually find these villas inside the city, so it's easy to get around when you're there on business or pleasure!


The 4 Best Short-Term Rental Villas in Accra

Embassy Suites Hotel. This luxury hotel has been featured on Forbes and TripAdvisor for its high-quality amenities and friendly service. It's located in the heart of downtown Accra and offers elegant rooms, a relaxing pool, and complimentary Wi-Fi.

The President Hotel. Located in the central business district of Accra, this hotel is also close to shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, parks, museums, and more. It's one of the top-rated hotels in Accra with an impressive reputation for its excellent food service!

Ascot Hotel. If you're looking for an upscale experience while in Ghana this is the perfect place to stay! The Ascot provides both a luxurious experience and professional hospitality. It also features a prime location along with spacious guest rooms that are complimented by home comforts like private balconies or patios as well as minibars and beverage fridges with free soft drinks and juices.

Westin Resort & Villas. This resort has everything you could possibly want when staying in Accra - from pools to golf courses, spas to water sports! Plus it's located just outside of the city center which is convenient for exploring all that Accra has to offer without taking up too much time from your vacation schedule!


The Pros and Cons of Renting a Villa in Accra

Sometimes, when you're visiting a new country, you might not know what to do while you're traveling. That's where renting a villa in Accra comes in handy! Villas in Accra are perfect for people who want to spend their time exploring the city, but still have a place to relax and chill. They also have built-in security measures which can be helpful for travelers who want to feel safe. For example, there might be an alarm system that goes off if someone tries to enter your room after hours. And with some of the villas, the staff will take care of your groceries and other household items so that you don't need to worry about them at all! You can also find villas that offer WiFi or internet service so that you can stay connected with family and friends back home.

The cons of renting a villa in Accra would include the cost. Most of these rentals are expensive because they're located in prime areas like Tamale or Mankessim. You'll also have to plan on paying extra fees such as housekeeping charges or electricity usage costs. Of course, it's worth it if you find the right rental villa!


Where to stay if you're looking for more accommodations

Accra is one of the most highly-ranked African destinations, but there are many places to stay. If you're looking for more accommodations while visiting Accra, check out these villas!

These villas have a lot of variety when it comes to the rooms they offer. Whether you're looking for a lavish suite with a swimming pool and 360 degree views, or something more modest but still comfortable and affordable, these villas have plenty of options that would be perfect for your visit to Accra.

If you're looking for somewhere to stay in Accra, you can't go wrong with any of these short-term rental villas!

Best Short-Term Rental Villas in Accra


Frequently Asked Questions.

Are the villas furnished? Unfortunately, the short-term rental villas do not come with any furniture. However, there are many places to purchase or rent furniture for your stay.

Can I make reservations for multiple nights? Yes! These villas can accommodate a long stay of up to 70 days.

Is the city safe? Accra is considered one of the safest cities in Africa, but it's still important to be respectful and aware of your surroundings.

Are these villas near the airport? The airport is about 30 minutes away from most of these short-term rental villas