Top 5 Facts About Moving to Ghana from the US

Find out about some interesting facts you may not know about moving from the United States to Ghana including cost of living and culture shock!

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Top 5 Facts About Moving to Ghana from the US
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What are some benefits of moving to Ghana? How much does the cost of living in Ghana differ from the US? What will the first few days be like? You’ll find all this and more in today’s post.

Ghana is a country in Africa with a rich history, natural beauty, and welcoming culture. With its warm climate, friendly people, and plenty of outdoor activities, it’s no wonder that so many people are considering making the move to Ghana. Here are 5 things you should know before you move to Ghana.


What are the benefits of moving to Ghana?

The cost of living in Ghana is much lower than the US, so you’ll get more bang for your buck. The quality of life in Ghana is also much higher. You can live in a nicer house and have a better car, but work a less stressful job. This lifestyle might be well suited to people who want just to relax and live a simpler life.

Ghana also has a rich history and culture that you won’t find anywhere else. There are plenty of opportunities to explore its history while still taking advantage of the modern conveniences that you enjoy back home.

If you have kids, Ghana will offer them an international experience without having to leave the country or travel too far from home. And for adults, if you want to teach English or work in the medical field, there are opportunities for it here as well.


How much is the cost of living in Ghana?

The cost of living in Ghana is significantly lower than in the US. You can save a lot of money on things like food, housing, and transportation. For example, you could buy a 3 bedroom house for $1,500 or less. A meal at a restaurant costs about $3-5. Rent is also much cheaper than in the US.


What will your first few days be like?

If you’re from the US, your first few days in Ghana are going to be quite different than what you’re used to. You might experience some culture shock when you first arrive. The good news is that this should only last for a few days at most.

Once you start settling into your new country, your perspective will likely change. And before long, the differences between the US and Ghana will be things that make Ghana more interesting and fun for you. It won’t take long for living in Ghana to feel like home.


What should you do before you move?

Before you move to Ghana, there are a few things you need to do. One of the first things is to get your visa. You can’t enter the country without a visa. You may also want to apply for your Ghanaian passport before you come. If you already have a passport from another country, you will still need to get an entry stamp when you arrive in Ghana.

There are several other things that need to be done before your move, but these are just some of the most important ones. For more information about what needs to be done before the move, visit this website:



If you're considering a move to Ghana, here are some basic facts and tips to help you get started.

1. What are the benefits of moving to Ghana?

Ghana is a great country to live in if you want to experience a new culture, have access to great healthcare, have a more peaceful lifestyle and be able to take advantage of a lower cost of living.

2. How much is the cost of living in Ghana?

Many people who move to Ghana find it quite affordable. The cost of living in Ghana is around 50% lower than what you might pay in the United States.

3. What will your first few days be like?

You'll need an address in Ghana and a bank account. You'll need to get money out of the bank account you're changing from and onto your new account. You'll need time to find housing and get familiar with the culture and language.

4. What should you do before you move?

You should make sure you have your visa, passport and other documents ready for your trip.

5. What not to do when moving to Ghana:

Don't be too stressed about the move and don't overschedule yourself during the first few weeks.