Repossessed properties for sale in Accra

We have a wide range of bank repossessed houses and flats in various locations around Accra, Ghana available at very affordable prices.

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Repossessed properties for sale in Accra
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For some, finding a property can be difficult. Especially if you are on a budget. To help with this problem, people might look for repossessed properties in their area or near them. Repossessed properties are homes that the bank has taken back because the owner was not able to make payments on it. The bank then tries to sell these properties at a lower price and is willing to work with anyone who wants to buy one of these properties.

What is more, you will find that there is usually more than one person looking for repossessed properties in Accra and as such, you now have competition. Below are some steps on how to find repossessed properties in Accra for sale and what you should do with them when you finally find one. Read on below for more information!


The Difference Between Foreclosures and Repossessed Properties

The difference between foreclosures and repossessed properties is what it takes for the bank to take over. Foreclosures are when the homeowner has not made payments for a certain amount of time, usually three or four months. The bank then takes over the property and sells it in an auction. Repossessed properties are when the bank takes over because the owner has not made payments for six months or more. It's important to know about these two types of properties so you know which one you're looking at when you find them.


Why People Look for Repossessed Properties in Accra

Repossessed properties are popular to buy for many reasons. One reason is that they are cheaper than other properties in Accra. Another reason is that the bank might work with you on your payments. For example, if you cannot afford to pay for your mortgage, the bank can lower your payment so that you have a chance of keeping the property. The bank also has another option for people who cannot afford their mortgage. They can offer a short sale where the bank will agree to take less money from the person in exchange for taking back the property.

Below are some steps on how to find repossessed properties in Accra for sale and what you should do with them when you finally find one.


How to Find Repossessed Properties in Accra

for Sale

Some of the steps on how to find repossessed properties in Accra for sale are as follows:

1) Search online.

2) Contact a real estate agent.

3) Get loan pre-approval.

4) Find out your credit score.

5) Visit the property.

6) Sign the papers.

7) Fill up an application form online.


What to Do When You Find a Repossessed Property

You found a repossessed property and now you want to know what to do with it. Here are some steps you should take:

1. Research the property and the area. Research the house and the neighborhood where it is located.

2. Find out whether or not there are any other people interested in this property as well which means you will need to make an offer quickly.

3. Set up a meeting time to view the property with the owner/ bank representative and find out more information about it including how much they want for it and what terms they might be willing to work with (e.g., down payment, monthly installments, etc.).

4. Viewing day: Make sure you have all your paperwork in order before going into this meeting such as proof of your income, credit score, and previous home ownership history if applicable. At this meeting, they will most likely also want to see your current residence so that they can verify that you are able to afford another one as well as your job status for stability purposes.

5. Offer price: After doing research on this property and viewing it, now is when you decide on an offer price based on what you saw at the viewing day appointment. If possible, do not go over their asking price no matter how much of a bargain it may seem because they will most likely reject your offer anyways since this is how banks make money - through negotiation!

6. Wait for their response: Now that you have made


Keep a list of all your properties

There are a number of options for marketing your property. But the first step is to keep a list of all your properties. This includes pictures, details about the home, and a location map.


Get a loan from the bank if you do not have one

Repossessed properties in Accra are sold at a lower price because the bank does not want to lose more money on trying to sell it. So, what this means is that you will not be able to buy a repossessed property with a mortgage from the bank. However, there is still hope. If you do not have a mortgage from the bank, then you can go ahead and get one from the bank. The process for getting a loan is simple and straightforward and if you have been working for a while with your current employer or have enough savings then it should not be difficult for you to get approved for a loan.


Make sure you have enough money for repairs if needed

Before you go out looking for a repossessed property in Accra, make sure you have enough money for repairs. If the house needs some repairs or renovations, you should be ready to take on that responsibility.



Repossessed properties in Accra are a good option for those who cannot afford new properties. If you are interested in buying a property from a repossessed properties listing, make sure you have enough money for repairs if needed and keep a list of all your properties.